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COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Lip Gloss

This gloss from "Covergirl" is said as it is a "Silkey smooth formula" and it comes it 5 diffrent colors: "ADULTING" a dark purple color, "CHEEKY" a pretty light pink color, "GHOSTED" a white gloss, "SHORT CHANGE" A darker pink color and lastly "UNSUBSCRIBE" a pale pink color. All of these glosses are the same formula and the same type overall. "CHEEKY" is the best seller, and because of this, it is 2 dollars more. The prise is currenlt $9.49 for "CHEEKY". For all of the other colors it is at $6.49. They descibe this gloss with "Intense hydration" and no "tacky or sticky feel". they also mention that it has "High shine." So, with that being said, let see what it is actually like.

When i first appliaid "CHEEKY" the gloss in the tube looked silvery, but once i applied it to my lips, there was no glitter, or silvery type of color on my lips, it just left a clear shiney gloss. You could put this in a good or bad way, because the shine and gloss felt hydrated and good on my lips. I personally don't like how they lied about the color, but the clear also was very nice on my lips.

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