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Lip gloss tubes

Many people, (including me) are searching for the perfect tube that is cheap, can hold your lip gloss, good size, and easy to work with. Luckly, Amorix 10ml clear tubes (here on Amazon) is perfect all around. Most people are also searching for the perfect gloss to be placed in and this product has tons of great reviews. When this product arrivaived, the first thing i noticed was the amout of tubes that were in the plactic bag. 50 lip gloss tubes were waiting to be filled and enjoyed. These tubes are 3.1 inches long including the cap. Now i find this the perfect length because it takes so much lip base to fill up a tube, and this seems to be a perfect size for the money, and the overall prduct inside. A lip gloss tube takes years to finish, and this tube can handle that long of time. The cap is a twisty, so you have to untwist it to open up. When i first opened this, i thought the party where the gloss comes out was missing, but no. They put the cap upside down letting the whole where the gloss is suopposed to come out upside down. This is so you can fill the gloss up without having the take the lid off. You call can just take it off and then once you fill it put it back on, but there is 2 ways which is a nice touch. They come clean and all bundled up with 2 syringes. I LOVE these syringes bevause they reach to the bottom of the tube and can will the tube up with gloss fast and easy. And with th esize of this tube it works like magic.  i made the mistake my first time of buying tubes with small syringe tops and they dont work at all. There are alot of tubes that you can find but they might not have the right syringe of they dont have one at all, so how do you put the gloss in? The time that happened i had to use a soon a dish it up, but luckly, i have found the perfect syringe. 

  Overall these tubes are great quality, the perfect size, and work awesome. They ever come with syringes that are the perfect size AND everything is cheap. i Would 10/10 recomend.  Again, you can find them here through Amazon. 

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