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This gloss tends to range around $2.00-$4.00 on amazon. The buissenies says that it provides a brilliant shine and has Vitiman E in it to help mostirize your lips. I recently got this in the mail and i wanted to review what i personally thought of this lip gloss. When it arrived in a clear plastic tube with a white cap, it seemed to be in good condition. it wasn't stinky which was nice if i would have somehow spillled the bottle, or left the cap on the counter. I triend this lip gloss with a coat of lipstick underneath, to see if the what they called a "clear glossy look" on top of the lipstick would work. As it said that it would work like this, i found it true. it added a little dazzle to my look. Some have found this bad tasting, i bought the clear, which i noticed didn't have a taste. If you would like to see other colors of this "Elf" lip gloss on Amazon, feel free to scroll down and find some to see what they tasted like.

  Overall this gloss had a good glossy finsih to my look. it felt as if my lips were shiny and mostirized. (Just like our glosses!) I found that the cotainer was a nice touch because it looked like glass and it wasn't smugged or didn't even looked touched when i got it. Out of all of the glosses i have bought, i feel as if the clear was the most helping for my looks, because it hydrates, and you can not only use it for one look on your lips of a glossy look, but also top it on top of your lip stick. It was a good lip gloss for the price, i would rate 4/5 stars. 

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